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UTP is the premier independent supplier of PT6, PW100, & PW500 turbine engines and components worldwide.

We provide sales and exchanges on a wide variety of engine models and on serviceable turbine engine parts. We are certified to ASA-100 in order to meet the requirements of FAA AC 00-56, providing the highest quality and full documentation to support installation.


The industry’s largest stock of PT6 engines and parts.

  • PT6 A-20, PT6 A-21
  • PT6 A-27, PT6 A-28
  • PT6 A-34, PT6 A-41
  • PT6 A-42, PT6 A-60
  • PT6 A-65, PT6 A-67
  • PT6 A-114
  • PT6 A-135
  • PT6T-3 (B)
  • PT6 T-6


PW100 engines and parts are in stock and ready to ship.

  • PW118
  • PW119
  • PW120
  • PW121
  • PW123
  • PW124
  • PW125
  • PW127


View our inventory of PW500 engines and parts.

  • PW530
  • PW535
  • PW545

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