PT6 Engines

Find the PT6 engine you need, with expert service you can count on.

Available PT6 Engines

At UTP, we pride ourselves on offering the most popular models of PT6 engines, with all the specifications you’re looking for. We offer our engines for outright sale and also accept your core on exchange.

Our engine management service utilizes our extensive knowledge and experience and leverages our huge stock of used serviceable parts to bring down the cost of your maintenance event. UTP works with our extensive network of suppliers to save you even more money by stocking our inventory with quality, serviceable parts.

We work with only the highest-quality turbine engine shops in the world. Our pricing is the most competitive in the market. Let us help you manage your engine costs by providing engines and replacement parts, or managing your upcoming maintenance event or overhaul.

Our stock of engines changes daily so please contact us for current inventory, specifications, and pricing. Email Jeff Raines or call him at 334-380-8611.

Offering the industry’s largest stock of PT6 engines and parts.

Prices and availability are quoted instantly and shipped daily to meet your every need.

  • PT6A-21
  • PT6A-27/28
  • PT6A-34 /AG
  • PT6A-36
  • PT6A-41
  • PT6A-42 /A
  • PT6A-45
  • PT6A-50
  • PT6A-52
  • PT6A-60A
  • PT6A-65 AR/AG/B/R
  • PT6A-67 /D/R/AG
  • PT6A-114A
  • PT6A-135 /A